When you purchase the Level II training course you will be able to study and test online. You will need to follow the instruction provided. Please know that you will not receive the test until you have sent a copy of a valid Texas ID.


1. Purchase the Level II training course.

2. You will receive a conformation email with a link to download the Texas DPS Security Rule book to read and study.

3. You will also have a link to the Registration Form. This needs to be filled out for our records for the state of Texas.

4. Once you have filled out and submitted the Registration Form you need to submit a copy of your Texas ID. Again we need this for our records before we can send you the test and give you credit with the state of Texas.

Email. jan@pcta-firearms.com
Text: 817- 360-6707

Give us at least 24 hours to respond. We suggest you fill out the Form and send you ID copy as soon as possible.

5. You will receive a password to unlock the test page. The test is 50 questions. Good luck

Once we receive and grade your test we will notify you of the results.

Thank you.!

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