Update: Important Information For Texas Gun Owners

Texas laws are changing with Constitutional Carry. US Law Shield has a guide to undestanding the new changes to the law. Follow the link for more information. Texas Constitutional Carry Guide

Information on Texas License To Carry

Thank you for your interest in the License To Carry (LTC) Course. This page is intended to briefly outline the policies and procedures regarding class enrollment and clarify some of the issues about LTC law.

First, to apply for a LTC, you must be:

  • A legal resident of Texas. (non-resident licenses are available)
  • 21 years of age or older, excluding military exemption. (You may take the course 6 months prior to your 21st birthday.)
  • Not Chemically dependent on drugs or alcohol or of unsound mind.
  • Not convicted of a felony in any state, at any time.
  • Not convicted of a class A or class B misdemeanor within the past 5 years.

Not subject to a restraining order or protective order. If you meet the minimum requirements above and wish to apply for a license to carry, you may obtain an application by doing one of the following:

1. Apply online: go to www.texasonline.com , select online services, license to carry and complete the application. You will need a credit card.
2. Just arrive on the day of the class you’ve signed up for and your instructor will have a packet ready for you.
3. Renewal students must contact the DPS directly, either online or by phone (1-800-224-5744) to receive your renewal packet. Instructors do not have packets for renewal students.

Fingerprints contact Fast Fingerprints at 1 877-932-2435 or www.fastfingerprints.com

Firearms Rental $15.00 (Cash)

Course Length: Initial classes: 4 hours (minimum by state law). THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE RANGE TIME

Range Time: additional 2 hours


Course Requirements:

Written test: All students must score 70% or higher.
Range Proficiency: All students must score 70% or higher.
All students must qualify with a .32 caliber firearm or larger.

All students must be capable of safely handling their firearms. This includes the loading of magazines.

No class time is available to teach basic shooting skills. If you believe you will have difficulty passing the proficiency test, you may want to enroll in a basic shooting course. These courses are available below.

*Course  dates subject to change. Please check with instructor before booking class.*

jan@pcta-firearms.com  (817) 360-6707

*Minimum of 6 people required for class.

Texas License To Carry Training Course $85.00
Learn the laws and skills to qualify to open carry or carry a concealed handgun in Texas for personal protection. This is a 1 day (4 hour) course of study and testing mandated by the state.

LTC Refresher       $35.00
YOU ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED TO SHOW PROFICIENCY OR UNDERSTANDING OF LAWS, HOWEVER I AM OFFERING A UPDATE ON LAWS CLASS.  -  It is the same 4 hours of the initial class but no written test is given and you may or may not shoot. That will be up to you. If you wish to shoot there will be a range fee added to this class.

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